Seven Ideas to Add Humor to Your Marriage Proposal

When it’s your turn to get down on one knee and hold out the ring, loosen up a bit. Marriage proposals are serious affairs, but the event does not need to feel stiff and sometimes dull. You can set it up with lots of laughs, awws, smiles, and tears. It’s one of the best days of your life, so make it a happy and delightful occasion.

Humor sprinkled here and there won’t dent the sincerity of your intent. You have proof in the form of a diamond engagement ring that you bought after many days or weeks of careful searching. Do remember what you’ve gone through to find the right ring.



Here’s the rest to convince her to say yes to your lighthearted attempt at the proposal.


1. Put the Pun in Fun

You’ve written your partner poems and letters, and you can prepare a short speech for the proposal event. Impress her with your wit and your talent for stringing words that will make her and everyone else laughs. Think of poking fun at her (but do it with straws) and yourself. If you are not that confident in your comedic timing, run your piece by a friend whom you consider naturally funny.  


2. Guess the Phrase à la Hangman

Invite your girlfriend and closest pals for game night. The place is filled with fun and popcorn, nacho pizza, and all kinds of finger food. At some point, gather everyone around a whiteboard, and play Hangman.

Pair up with your girlfriend, who will be the one to guess “Marry me.” As a backup plan, if she runs out of guesses, prepare for a round of charades and Pictionary. Make sure she gets her answers right and you get her nod before the night ends.


3. Do It on a Sunday

You may want to replicate how others proposed: through a crossword puzzle one Sunday morning. The story goes that a woman was making sense of the answers that pretty much point to her (e.g., her first and last names). She tried to guess the theme of the puzzle, words that had a ring to them, and her boyfriend helped by popping the question. For your custom crossword, supply clues about amusing things that only both of you know.


4. Create a Scene

This one needs planning, staging, and acting from players who will act out a marriage proposal in the park. You and your significant other (SO) will chance upon the duo while out on a date. As your SO becomes moved by the scene, end the little play, and get to the real proposal. From spectators to the leads, see if you can’t get a laugh and a bit of scolding for playing a prank on her.


5. Hunt for a Treasure

A scavenger-hunt proposal seems to be the trend these days and is quite a handful to organize with all the details. You can go for a treasure hunt as what they do in children’s parties.

Bury the ring or its duplicate in your backyard, and tell your girlfriend about your time capsule. Make sure she does most of the digging until she discovers a most precious thing underneath the earth.


6. Read On

It sounds sappy to write a book for your most important person in the whole world, but it can pay off. She’ll probably skim through the pages and thank you for the thoughtful gift. As you fervently hope, she will come across the page where you, in your silly handwriting, ask for her hand in marriage.

If a book is too much, why not pass a message as you did in high school? Hand her a note over dinner, and wait for her response to what’s written.


7. Joke Like You Mean It

You: Knock, knock.

Her: Who’s there?

You: Marry.

She: Marry who?

You: Marry me?

She’ll probably smirk or roll her eyes, but many have tried this knock-knock joke and succeeded. How about another quip that goes along the lines of asking her “What time is it?” If she tells you the hour, say “No, it’s time for you to marry me.” 

Wedding proposals are done in more ways than you can imagine. Think of love, laughter, and lively moments. And have faith in your ability to surprise your partner in the most playful way possible.


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