How to Personalize Your Wedding with Stickers

Today at The Bride Link, we’re discussing personalization! Every single couple has different ways they personalize their individual weddings. This is the best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make them feel truly memorable. We’re here to make your wedding day as unique as you are with the help of custom stickers!

Buying something and finding out that you get a free sticker with your purchase is an amazing feeling! Everyone loves stickers and they are the easiest way to personalize your event and add special touches your guests will absolutely notice. StickerYou allows you to make and order die-cut custom stickers in any size, shape, and quantity. You can upload your image or logo, or create and customize from thousands of images using their Sticker Editor. All custom sticker orders are printed on the highest quality weather-proof vinyl materials! They offer so many amazing ways to incorporate small personal touches into your wedding! These customizations are great for favors, can be used on your invitations, or even at your bridal shower.


We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas:


Personalized stickers with cute sayings are the top wedding favors on Pinterest. On StickerYou, you can create your very own label with you and your fiancé’s names and wedding date. Bring your Pinterest perfect wedding to life by creating your own label for all types of favors. Including ChapStick, honey jars, water bottles, tins of mints or chocolate, candy bags, smores kits, hot chocolate kits, and matchboxes to just name a few! You could even craft your own signature drink and have matching labels to go with it.



These cute address stickers will ease your save-the-date process and add a fun pop of color to your envelopes! With these personalized touches, you won’t have to sit down and write the same address over and over again for every invitation or save the date. Just pop on a sticker and move to the next one. A guest list is so important! Any tools that can save you time, hassle and help in the planning process is critically important. Plus, using stickers gets your guests involved! Don’t just ask them to check mark a dinner selection! Use stickers! Have them do more than write down "accept or decline". Using stickers makes the process way more fun!



Check out this adorable sticker that spruces up any champagne and wine bottle! If you’ve ever been around a child with stickers, you know they'll put them anywhere! You’ll be expressing your inner child again in the same way! Stickers are the best way to access your creative side and add some easily personalized touches to your wedding décor and favors! Customization is one of the biggest WOW factors available for your guests. On top of that, they are affortable, so easy to use and incorporate easily! Your options are endless and only limited by your imagination.


Bachelorette Parties

This is where you can really get wild! The possibilities are endless and StickerYou is here to help make it a reality. Nothing says “Excuse me, the party has now arrived” more than custom made temporary tattoos only available to your best friends! Coordinate matching outfits using simple iron-on transfers or even create your own individual patches to comemorate your event.

Our favorite idea you ask?! Giving away stickers to everyone your bachelorette troop happens to pass by! For example, create a custom sticker that reads “Karen, the bride, whole heartily apologizes for any inconvenience we may have caused! Party on!” Don't forget to include a custom image on your sticker! This way, everyone you pass along gets involved in the fun, while at the same time you're being as polite as possible...given the occasion. You may even get a few smiles and high-fives!


We can’t, of course, forget the men in our lives! These ideas work great for bachelor parties as well!


We’d love to see any sticker inspired ideas you can come up with!


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