Knoxville Photo Booth Company: Say Cheese Photo Fun!

If you're in the market to rent a photo booth in Knoxville TN, then Say Cheese Photo Fun! is the booth you’re looking for...


Unlike traditional photo booths you've seen at most weddings, Say Cheese Photo Fun delivers a more upscale experience. Their Magic Mirror is just hands down a blast to use! It successfully reignites the excitement you experienced from using your first photo booth so many moons ago!

Here is a recent review from Laura,  “ We wanted the fun of a photo booth but everything we saw was just ordinary.....until we found Say Cheese! Their equipment is better than anything we'd seen, with easy to use features, and lots of built-in fun. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many of them made a point of asking where we found this company with their state-of-the-art equipment! The best photo booth company in Knoxville period!


We asked the Say Cheese team what got them started in the booth business? “Well, we’re worldwide recognized balloons decorators and have taught 300 students in just the past 4 years. This includes students from all over the world that enroll with the Balloon Training Institute®. We saw the need for innovative photo booths along with custom balloon decor to make truly one of a kind weddings. The excitement of the newlyweds and the memories we can help make is also a huge factor! We were actually surprised at the magnitude of the wedding industry in this area!”


“Photo Booth Rentals in Knoxville, TN is a crowded segment. There are so many to choose from but all essentially offer the same thing. Not us! This is a completely new experience for most people. The Magic Mirror is so intuitive and packed full of technology you really have to experience it to understand, “says Ben the owner. “We’re able to customize anything our couples need! This includes hashtags, graphics, layout, colors, etc. We can even post directly to Facebook and send pictures via text to your phone within seconds. In addition to that, we're always adding new props and features.”


We asked the whole Say Cheese Photo Fun! team, what their favorite part of this incredible journey has been? “We just love interacting with our community and have done some incredible events. So far we’ve done private associations, industry networking meeting, charitable special events, birthday parties, and proms. We did a surprise 40th Birthday party that included a 50-foot organic stairway with a lighted ceiling. We threw in white 3-foot balloons, along with custom printed bows and it was stunning. I mean, unforgettable!”


We were also featured on East Tennessee ABC 6! And, let's not forget all the beautiful venues either, Knoxville and the surrounding area have some of the most stunning venues you can find anywhere.”

Say Cheese Photo Fun is also available for Maryville and Smoky Mountain locations! For more information, visit The Bride Link - Say Cheese Photo Fun or at Say Cheese Photo Fun! Pricing is based on your event location, guest count and a few other factors. Describe your vision and Ben, Billy, and Nikki will come back with a custom package!


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