Formal Wear In Knoxville: Regal Tuxedo

When it comes to formal wear in Knoxville and the surrounding area, there is really only one place to go!


"Regal Tuxedo has been specializing in local tuxedo service in the Knoxville area for 35 years! We opened in 1984 and pride ourselves in excellent customer service, great selection, and quality merchandise", says owner Ben Dobson. "We are dedicated to serving our customers attending weddings, proms, quinceanera’s, and black tie events in Knoxville, Crossville, Maryville, Tri-Cities, and The Smoky Mountains. At Regal Tuxedo, we keep all the tuxedos and suits in stock in our stores. This enables us to allow our customers to try on the outfits before making a decision. Most other places ship their inventory in from a warehouse. We also have 35 years of experience in the business. No one else can offer that in this area." We encourage all couples to take a few minutes and learn more about this phenomenal local business!


During our interview, Ben was all too happy to answer any questions we had. We like to start off with the simple ones. We asked Ben what inspired him to start his own formal wear store in Tennessee.  He responded, "I have always had an interest in fashion and formal events.  I also had a desire to work in an industry that deals with special and happy occasions. It's honestly one of my favorite aspects, being involved in very special and happy occasions. We have the opportunity to meet so many young people planning their weddings and helping them with their attire and then seeing the final product (the actual wedding) is very rewarding."


We also asked him to share any valuable insights or advice that can only be gained from 30+ years in the wedding industry. Ben didn't skip a beat! "Do not make assumptions. Listen carefully to the bride and groom and get a clear idea of what their vision is for the look of the attire. Do not offer too many opinions unless asked. As for the couples, they should have an idea of what style or look they want to achieve. Allow plenty of time for the planning process. Have a budget set and stick to it. If the budget allows, having a wedding planner is a plus. Do not have too many people involved in the planning process. Try not to get too stressed over the planning and always remember the reason for the wedding."


The Bride Link is always working hard to stay atop industry trends! Ben was kind enough to share what he's been seeing recently, "Many of our clients are requesting suits rather than tuxedos. They also are interested in slim-fitting suits and fitted shirts.  Navy, gray and tan are also popular choices. Some are also opting for a no coat option."

We always ask our members for any memorable moments or favorite events they've experienced while working in the wedding industry! "I met a young man many years ago when he came in to get his tux for prom. He went to several proms and then a few years later he was in several weddings.  Over this course of time, we had become friends. A few years later he came in to get his suits for his wedding. He and his bride invited me to their wedding! I was very happy that they included me on their very special day. Years later this same man came back into the store with his son to get a tux for his prom.  Felt like coming full circle"


Regal Tuxedos would like every couple to know they will do their very best to help them achieve the look that they want. They'll be putting their trust a specialist that has vast experience and truly cares about them and their special event. "At Regal Tuxedo we will treat you like family, its the foundation we started our business on over three decades ago and we're not changing that anytime soon," says Ben. "We have two convenient locations in Knoxville and we can be found on Instagram @Regaltuxedoknox and Regal Tuxedo of Knoxville on Facebook. Also, we offer free Groom's rental with five paid rentals in the party and our current special is $60 off each tux or suit rental!"

You can find more information visit them at The Bride Link - Regal Tuxedo and Regal Tuxedo - Formaly Savvi Formalwear.

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