Knoxville Wine Truck: Just In The Nic' Of Wine

How amazing is this Knoxville Wine Truck! We're thrilled to feature this unique wine service and newest member of The Bride Link!


Are you in the search for that unique wedding service that will have all your guests buzzing? Look no further! Take a few minutes and learn more about Just In The Nic’ Of Wine! The only specialty wine truck in the area.


Meet the owner, Terra Hickson, who was inspired to dive into the wedding industry to offer a very unique & vintage touch to every special occasion. “We converted a 1970 VW Bus into a classy serving station which is the first of it's kind in this area. We know we will provide that "Awe" moment couples crave at their outdoor weddings, rehearsal dinner, etc. We just started our business in March of this year and are already excited to be a part of private bookings, weddings showers, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, etc!”


“We've had such amazing feedback from the couples who’ve booked our wine truck. They love the chalkboard ceiling with lights as well as the wine cork bar top. We've added a small flat screen TV which allows us to play a slideshow of the couple, how they met, & any pictures they would like to show their guests the journey to lead up to this special day. We also offer a unique touch with our pretzel necklaces. We can customize our classy stemless glassware so the glasses become souvenirs for the guests as well as provide spill free lids upon request.”


Just In The Nic’ Of Wine serves beer in addition to hand-selected vintages. “It’s a common request we get and we’re happy to serve as needed!” says Terra. “It’s one of our favorite parts of serving weddings. Weddings are a time to celebrate, it's a time everyone is happy! This creates a positive and exciting atmosphere only found on a wedding day. We also absolutely love the glow that can only be found on a bride the day of!


Just In The Nic’ Of Wine is currently focusing its services in the Knoxville area. Any couples who are interested in learning more can contact them directly at The Bride Link - Just In The Nic’ Of Wine or Just In The Nic’ Of Wine.


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