Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography

Today we're highlighting this outstanding Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography!


Steve and Kandi have been a wedding photography team for 7 years. They are able to trust what the other is doing throughout the wedding day and know they are capturing all of your most important photos. They like to say that when they shoot events it feels more like a choreographed dance, a duet perfected through years of experience. They see scenes differently and shoot differently, meaning Steve gets more of the close-ups while Kandi shoots more of the big, scenic shots. Their couples always love that Steve is actually the one who takes care of making sure the wedding dress looks perfect all throughout the wedding day!

"It's an advantage to us that we know what our strengths are, we have different strengths, and these help us provide a professional and fun wedding day that results in gorgeous wedding photos."


"It's important to have a plan and then be able to go with the flow. We often adjust on the fly. Experience definitely helps with this! We always create a detailed timeline. As much as we would love to say every wedding flows perfectly, things happen, such as the wedding rings don't make it to the wedding, or someone forgets their shoes ... these things have happened! If people are not available or details are missing, it's important for us to know how to adjust to ensure we are still capturing all of the photos the bride and groom expect while also keeping a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I like to think this has become one of our strengths."


Their shooting style is considered colorful, clean and classic. They try to spend more time shooting candid moments of couples  rather than posing. They want to take photos of you being you! That said, when they take formal portraits and group photos, they help everyone know how to stand so that everyone comes across looking their best. When asked what their favorite part of a wedding is, Kandi said, "Obviously the wedding cake (ha!) Picking one thing would be nearly impossible. We love working with couples, and we are humbled knowing we take once in a lifetime photos, and not just of the actual wedding. Sometimes we are taking photos of family members who live in different countries or, unfortunately, of family members who pass away soon after the wedding day. Knowing that we contribute to their memories...there's really nothing like it."


They love to shoot in The Smokies but Knoxville weddings feel like home. "The Knoxville wedding industry is an amazing community, and all of the wedding professionals feel a lot like family. Some of our best friends are wedding photographers, and going to networking and industry events feel a lot more like time spent hanging out with friends than 'work.' Getting to work with so many vendors we love at every wedding really is the icing on the wedding cake!"


Trends are always coming and going, so we asked this great team what they've seen recently.

"The biggest trend we are seeing is brides have information overload and, unlike the early days of Pinterest, they rely on us to guide them through the wedding day photography. We love this! We shoot weddings all of the time, so we love when our brides and grooms ask for our input on things like what bridesmaids dress color will help create the most flattering photos or what time to have the ceremony based on sunset."


"Also, consider hiring a coordinator. Consider doing a first look. And ask guests to put their phones and cameras away during the ceremony. It makes us sad to deliver wedding photos to a bride and no one is watching her walk down the aisle because their heads are glued to their phones (never mind all of the phones that are super distracting in our photos.) We will have plenty of advice available to you, but ultimately, it's YOUR wedding day and we will do everything we can to ensure you are getting what you want."


If interested in booking, 2 Hodges Photography wants all couples to know that engagement sessions are complimentary for weddings of seven hours or more. They value the opportunity to take photos of you before your wedding day! Most of their packages are custom built based on the details of your wedding. For more information, you can visit them at 2 Hodges Photography!


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