Knoxville Wedding Calligraphy: The TriStar Scribe

The TriStar Scribe is a Knoxville Calligrapher who offers custom calligraphy for traditional paper & ink products and signage!


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Brittany Ivey, owner, and calligrapher, of the TriStar Scribe, specializes in creating handwritten touches that just cannot be replicated with print. “I do nothing digital,” she says, “My calligraphy is a traditional art with a modern aesthetic. I genuinely want my couples to share beauty through one of the most tangible aspects of their wedding. I decided to pursue calligraphy after doing my own envelopes and signage for my wedding! Once I learned to appreciate the different strokes and supplies involved, I fell in love.”

Her calligraphy is entirely hand-created! When a couple works with her, she ensures that their vision is brought to life in its entirety. For Brittany, this is technically a side hustle but it never feels that way. She likes to joke with brides that while calligraphy may not pay the mortgage, it is something she actively chooses to do because she believes in the beauty of it.”I love creating beautiful things for all my couples!”


Brittany is super flexible and wants to bring your vision to life! While calligraphy is an art, there's also a certain degree of meticulousness that has to be there - to make sure every envelope is perfect, for example. Couples can always expect a quality check on every envelope, and often verify addresses through USPS to make sure it lands in your guest's mailbox. She’s always down to create mock-ups and answer questions! “My primary focuses are typically items for before the wedding (envelopes) and during the wedding (place cards, signage) BUT I'd love more brides to think about after the wedding - capturing vows, first dance lyrics, etc.! Soon, I will be offering a special on these - stay tuned for details!”

We absolutely agree! They would make a stunning and completely original anniversary gift idea.


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Even though The TriStar Scribe's primary service is envelope calligraphy, she says signage continues to be a huge trend and recommends materials like acrylic, glass, and mirrors for use in signage. “Not only is it fun for me to write on, but they are such flexible options and work with almost any theme or decor.” She wants to remind everyone that the TriStar Scribe doesn’t make any of the physical signs, she expertly adds calligraphy to turn them into sensational pieces that compliment any event decor.

We couldn't resist asking what are some of the most interesting things she’s written on so far, “Oh my!  Last fall, I did almost 200 sand dollar escort cards for a wedding with Team Wedding. The act of writing on them literally sounded like nails on a chalkboard, but they turned out so beautifully! And they had a special significance to the bride and her groom. I love seeing couples choose themes and items that have meaning to them and show their personalities!”


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Brittany recommends that all couples should enjoy the planning process and advises they also consider a few things while doing so. One, that they can - and should - make their wedding personal to them. Two, calligraphy is more than just "pretty handwriting", it requires time, practice and skill to master. Just like photography, dress design, or wedding coordination, you can't just decide to be good at it. Lastly, The memories made. Even if a plate breaks or a dress rips or some other small mishap occurs, what matters is the love shared on that day! “I remember looking around on the day of my own wedding and feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the fact that so many people, from all different parts of our lives, were coming together under one roof to celebrate. It was an amazing feeling and an amazing evening.”


Devon Adrianne Photography

For more information and questions, check out The TriStar Scribe at The Bride Link and The TriStar Scribe!

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