Knoxville String Trio: Robyn James Ensembles

Robyn James Ensembles play live music for weddings and events in the Chattanooga, Crossville, Knoxville, Maryville, Smoky Mountains, and Oak Ridge areas. They absolutely love to perform at weddings and offer a quality live music experience that isn’t found in most ceremonies today.


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“I still remember when we got started,” she says, “While studying music in graduate school, a classmate said "You know what, Robyn? We should get a group together and play weddings." The rest is history, 15 years of history in fact! This year marks the 15th consecutive year Robyn and her group have performed extraordinary music for a variety of events. Her string group stands out because they will play almost anything that couples ask them to. They've played music from Star Trek, Star Wars, the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Jurassic Park, as well as tunes by the Beatles, Coldplay, and even Fetty Wap! Robyn Ensembles can accommodate most requests and love crafting custom pieces that compliment any couples dream ceremony.


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When asked what’s her the favorite part of a wedding, she says “I absolutely love meeting couples and helping them choose music for the big day. A think their ceremony should reflect who they are and what's important to them, and music in a big part of that.” Couples can expect Robyn James Ensembles to be available for any questions they have, no matter how silly they might think the questions are.  She is always happy to share information that will make the process easier, especially for the bride. A lot of people don't know what musicians need in order to perform for events (especially outdoor events). Part of their job is to educate people about this. A pro tip they always likes to share with anyone considering live music at their ceremony “Remember that direct sunlight, high humidity, and debris (from trees and such) can cause serious, expensive damage to instruments. This is why musicians need to be covered for outdoor events.”


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So, if you're looking to make your Tennessee wedding unique, consider adding to the experience by incorporating the lovely sounds only a live musician can deliver.  “Remeber, it's your day; do what makes you happy. You don't have to do what your sister did, or what you saw on a TV show or movie. Your ceremony should reflect you.” she advises.


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“One of my favorite weddings is one of the first ones we ever played for. At the very end of the ceremony, they incorporated traditions from the couple's different backgrounds, as the bride was Jewish and the groom was of mixed heritage. First, the minister (also the groom's father) spoke a Gaelic blessing to honor the groom's mother. Second, the couple jumped over a broom to honor the groom's father. Lastly, they stomped on a glass to honor the bride and her family. I felt it was thoughtful and lighthearted and the perfect way to start the celebration!”


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Robyn James Ensembles offer a variety of packages which include talented solos, duos, trios or even full string quartets. For more information or scheduling visit Robyn James Ensembles at:

The Bride Link - Robyn James Ensembles or Robyn James Ensembles!

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