How To Pick A Wedding Date

How to pick a wedding date!

As a newly engaged couple, one of the first things you may ask yourselves is "how to pick a wedding date!" It's an important question and picking a wedding date shouldn't be done in a hurry! We recommend considering a few factors before you decide.

Since all your friends and family are eager to find out about the wedding day, you'll frequently run into the same question, "so when is the wedding?" There's a reason for this. After determining your budget, securing a wedding date is one of the most critical choices you have to make during your wedding planning. Do you want an outdoor wedding? Do you want a ceremony during the warmer months? Are you dreaming of jingle bells and sleigh rides? Then a winter holiday wedding is perfect for you.

Regardless of what date you decide, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding date. But first, grab a FREE copy of our Emergency Wedding Kit Checklist and be prepared for anything on your wedding day!


Weekend versus Weekday

There are numerous pros and cons to having a weekday or weekend wedding. Weekday weddings are often less expensive than a weekend wedding, and you have more options of dates available to you. The downside is that many of your guests will leave early or might not come to a Wednesday wedding because they have to work on Thursday morning. A weekend wedding is an exact opposite. There are fewer options to choose from regarding your wedding vendor's availability, and depending on the season, you might feel pressure to secure a date due to its popularity. However, more guests are more likely to attend a weekend wedding, even if it is a destination wedding!


Seasons vary in popularity! Most vendors call March through October wedding season or peak seasons. Spring and Fall are the most popular seasons since the weather is milder during those periods. November through February is known as non-peak season and generally less expensive than the other months. Since not many people elect to get married in the winter, you are more likely to find unique vendors at a discount than during the warmer popular months!


Here in the South, football plays a vital role in many peoples' lives. Sports fans will stay at home or travel to locations to be a part of the experience. Such devotion can throw a monkey wrench into wedding planning. If you plan your wedding on a Saturday, some guests might be traveling to their favorite college football game instead of seeing you walk down the aisle. For this reason, the BYE week (when the college team isn't playing for a week) is one of the most popular times for weddings. If you decide to choose an off-week, you might want to consider hiring your vendors as soon as possible to avoid having to book a lesser quality vendor.


When you envision your wedding, are you expecting fireworks and barbeque? Then you might want to have your wedding on the Fourth of July. Are you dreaming of Easter eggs and pastels? Then you might want to consider an Easter wedding. Many holidays fall on long weekends, which will make many of your guests more likely to attend. The downside is that some guests may not want to share their holiday with your wedding, so please keep that in mind.

 Sentimental Dates

How sweet would it be to get married on the first day that you met? Or would you prefer to say "I Do" on the same day as your parents? Your wedding date is something that you will forever be celebrating, so why not pick a day that has special significance to you or your fiancé?

Setting a wedding date is one of the most important things to do for planning your wedding and, often, one of the most stressful. Your wedding dreams are suddenly becoming a reality, and it can overwhelm some couples. But once you set a date, you go from planning a thousand weddings in your mind to planning your wedding. Everything beyond that will be magical as you celebrate the love between you and your fiancé. Happy Planning!

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