How to Throw the Perfect Gatsby-Themed Bridal Shower

Roaring 20s themed bridal showers are the bees-knees right now! All the fun and glamour of the flapper-era create an irresistible party and will make any bride feel like she’s the cat’s pajamas! 

Here are 10 must haves for the perfect 20s themed shower:

1.Location, location, location!

The venue is important in setting the vibe and atmosphere for the party! You want to choose a place for your party that really captures the elegant and dramatic essence of the decade. Candoro Marble in South Knoxville was built in 1923 and with it’s stunning marble floors and drop-dead gorgeous entry way, it will wow guests from the moment they walk in! The venue’s indoor space is perfect for smaller parties and showers

2. Glitz and glam!

The 20s were all about extravagant parties, but you don’t have to spend a Gatsby sized budget to add a little sparkle to your event! Try a vintage piece of furniture, like this vanity from Candoro Marble’s bridal suite, to make an interesting welcome table, or set the scene with some gold chivari chairs like these from All Occasions. Using the gold as a highlight will make it stand out, and you don’t have to break the bank trying to cover the room!




3. Feathers and pearls

An easy way to get that 20s atmosphere is to create centerpieces and décor items that have a lot of pearls and feathers! You can get cheap pearls at any antique or thrift store, and feathers at any craft store.

Here’s a tip: Ostrich feathers are expensive! Buy a few, and then fill in with smaller craft feathers to get the look you’re going for. Amazon has a great selection of feathers HERE to keep you in budget! 



4. The Perfect Outfit


Nothing makes an event more special than guests getting to dress up! Encourage guests to cut a rug in their best flapper attire. Add headbands and pearls and you’ve got a roaring good time on your hands. FInd some super cute Flapper dresses here.

5. Paparazzi

With everyone all dolled up, you’re going to want to remember this party forever! Set up a photo area with a Polaroid camera so guests can snap pictures of themselves and create a guestbook for the bride. She’ll love the vintage feel of the pictures and guests will love getting to model their attire! You can also add a more “modern” guest book that gives your guest another activity to do, like this “Kisses for the Mrs” canvas! Guests are sure to arrive with dramatic 20s lips, so it’s the perfect way for them to “pucker up” and show them off!  We found Amazon to be the least expensive place to get a polaroid camera.  



6. Mood Music

For smaller parties, you don’t want the room to be too quiet or guests will feel uncomfortable! Rent a speaker or use one of your own to play some 20s jazz during the party. Spotify has a great playlist already ready to go, and it’s free! 

7. Fabulous Favors

If we were the Great Gatsby we’d send all our guests home with bottles of sparkling champagne, but here is a more unique (and budget friendly!) option. Give guests the chance to choose their own piece of vintage jewelry! You can easily gather interesting rings, necklaces, and earrings from the era from antique stores and thrift stores. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is and your guests will absolutely adore getting to take one home!

BEST DEAL we found :  Grab 12 necklace for $8.00! Oh Amazon, we love you! 


 8. Prizes Galore!

A fun way to honor your guests is to create fun games or raffles with prizes! Think about making little “spa gift bags” with polish, lipstick, and a face mask or give away mini bottles of wine and champagne. Gift cards are also a great prize! You can use any type of game, or make it completely random. A fun way to randomly pick winners is put ring stickers on the bottom of your plates or chargers-anyone sitting at that seat is a winner!

9. Have the perfect punch and snacks!

Depending on what time of day your shower is, plan to have finger-foods available for guests. Fruit and cheese displays are a great way to add to your table and taste buds. Don’t forget to add a “prohibition punch” to your table! If you really want to go all out, create a password and have guests enjoy their beverages from teacups and paper bags for a  true 20s speakeasy vibe. 



10. Make it a Stock the Bar Party!

Turn your shower into a speakeasy and invite guests to bring different liquors and mixers for the bride-to-be so she can stock up her bar for entertaining! Along with any games you want to play, you can have a wine-glass decorating station where guests can decorate their own wine glass with paints, pearls, and sparkles! It’s a no-pressure activity that allows guest to chat with one another and make something totally fabulous to take home. 

Grab 40 plastic glasses here for 10.57 so create this fun champagne display.


There you have it, a recipe for the perfect roaring 20's shower! 


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