Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

Great Ideas for a Winter Engagement Shoot

These past few winter months have been EXTREMELY cold, snowy, and simply unpredictable.  Winter can make planning an outdoor engagement shoot a real challenge.  What to wear, the location, and how to pose in such chilly winter weather are just a few concerns for winter engagement sessions.  Lucky for us, this adorable couple braved the cold with Menning Photographic and were able to capture some truly beautiful engagement photos!  Take a look at Myra and Blake’s engagement session and get some tips on what to wear, location, and posing for a successful and stylish outdoor winter engagement shoot!

What to Wear for Winter Engagement Photos

Myra and Blake’s stylish attire for this shoot is classic and warm.  Deep burgundy, dark navy blue, and a touch of neutral shades is the perfect mix of colors for this sunny winter background.  I love how Myra’s nails PERFECTLY matches her top and Blake’s skinny navy blue tie with the white polka dots! Myra’s spectacular gold watch adds another hint of color, while her cute gray oxfords and Blake’s brown Clarks add another point of style.  The couple has managed to mix and match stripes, gingham, polka dots, and even fun socks to make this shoot super stylish and a little hipster chic! From the deep jewel toned colors all the way to the tiny details of nail polish and socks, Myra and Blake have what to wear for a winter engagement session perfected!

How to Pose for a Winter Engagement Session

I absolutely love how real these photos are!  Myra and Blake look like they had so much fun on this shoot, even if it was cold!  The two of them look so comfortable in all of their poses which is key to a successful shoot.  They made sure to include the more traditional, still poses; sitting next to each other, facing head on towards the camera.  The ones I adore most though, are the action shots.  Blake lifting Myra as she kicks up one of her legs as if it were an old Hollywood movie scene!  Oh! And the one where Blake dips Myra and kisses her, I love it!  Menning Photographic did a wonderful job of capturing the closeness and intimacy of this couple through relaxed poses.  You can really see how much joy and love Myra and Blake have for one another.

Great Locations for Winter Engagement Photos

The great thing about outdoor winter engagement sessions is the outdoors!  Having your photo shoot outside gives you a beautiful setting for your photos!  Myra and Blake chose The Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio for their outdoor winter engagement session.  The park made for a wonderful backdrop with splendid colors of gold, green, and brown that added a little extra pop to the photos.  The couple posed on a deck still covered in a soft blanket of snow, a bench in the park, and a gorgeous tree of golden leaves.  The day may have been cold, but the sunlight, colors, and natural beauty of the park made for a marvelous winter engagement shoot.

By Brittany Rhodes

Photographer:  Menning Photographic | Other Location: The Mill Creek Park


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