3 Engagement Photo Tips and Ideas


Tips for a Great Engagement Session

This engagement shoot by Laura Matthews Photography perfectly represents everything a great engagement shoot should have. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for showing great tips and ideas for a fun and memorable engagement session! From what to wear for your engagement photos to what props to choose, find all you need for your own awesome engagement session in these adorable photos.


1. Choose a Meaningful Location

Brandi and Chad chose two locations for their engagement session. The first was their wedding location, the Vintager Inn, and the second was The Williamsburg Inn in Brandi & Chad’s hometown of Williamsburg, VA. When choosing a location, consider a place that has meaning to you both. Maybe it is where you had your first date or where he proposed. Choosing a location that is meaningful to you both will make your engagement shoot all that more memorable and special. Check out this Knoxville engagement session at a record store and this outdoor engagement session for some unique location ideas!

2. Add Cute Props

Props are a great way to incorporate your wedding date, hobbies you share with your fiancé, or special items that have meaning to you both. Brandi and Chad wrote their wedding date on pumpkins to represent the theme of their fall 2014 wedding. They also included their adorable puppy and a cute chalkboard sign with Brandi’s new last name on it. I’ve seen couples hold musical instruments or even share their favorite dessert during their engagement shoot. See all the cute props in this summer engagement shoot and this sunflower themed engagement session for more prop ideas.

3. What to Wear?

There are a few basic rules for what to wear for an engagement shoot.

1. Be comfortable.

2. Be yourself.

3. Be coordinated.

Consider choosing clothes that are not only comfortable but that also represent your personalities. Definitely put some thought into the color and pattern coordination as well. This article by JoPhoto gives wonderful tips on what to wear for your engagement shoot. Definitely a must read for great color coordinating tips!



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