Mismatched Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

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I never get tired of all the different options there are for mismatched bridesmaid dresses! When bridesmaids are given the opportunity to play with different shades and styles of dresses, the possibilities are truly endless. For today’s bridesmaid dress inspiration post, I chose to showcase a few of my favorite mismatched shades of purple bridesmaid dresses. Many of the bridesmaids dresses below are matched beautifully even with various shades of navy and pastel blue!

Mismatched Pastel Purple Bridesmaid Dresses



Various shades of pastel purple and blue create the most stunning color palette. Below are examples of how these shades can be worn together by bridesmaids. When combined, these shades create such a fresh and feminine feel, and I know your bridesmaids will love you forever if you give them a little freedom to be creative with the color of their dress. Choosing different colors for their wedding day fashion allows them to stand out and possibly feel excited about wearing their bridesmaid dress again.

Thank you to Virgil Bunao for allowing me to share these photos from this gorgeous Charleston wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation. See the full feature on Wedding Chicks! I recreated this mismatched bridesmaids look by using some of my favorite styles from ModCloth and Dessy. Click the links below the graphic to see where to purchase the dresses shown. I have to admit, the Twist Wrap dress from Dessy is the easiest dress to mix and match by color and style. It is my go-to-design when it comes to recreating a bridesmaid look I love.

Navy and Pastel Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

These lovely bridesmaids show how various shades of navy and pastel blue fabric create a gorgeous array of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Aren’t those bouquets stunning as well?! Thank you Charleston wedding photographerVirgil Bunao, for this lovely submission. Enjoy my recreation of this look in the graphic below. Once again, that gorgeous Twist Wrap came in handy!



Short Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses


Did you ever think lavender could be so gorgeous?! This two-toned collection of short lavender bridesmaids dresses cold not have fit more beautifully into the Charleston setting captured by Virgil Bunao. Notice how the maid-of-honor is wearing a long, deep-lavender bridesmaid dress to set her position apart. See more from this Charleston wedding on Virgil’s blog.

Mismatched Long and Short, Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses from Jose Villa


Many of the above styles are mismatched by color, but this stunning wedding by Jose Villa shows bridesmaids wearing both mismatching shades and styles of lavender bridesmaid dresses. I am completely in love with this look! Notice the bouquets and the bridesmaid’s hairstyles are simple as to not distract from the various styles and colors of the dresses. See more from this California wedding on Style Me Pretty. 

Mismatched Purple Bridesmaid Dresses



The above bridesmaid dresses are stunning shades of pastel blue and lavender while these dresses are a unique array of mismatched radiant orchid, plum, and lavender. This look was easy to recreate with a few of my favorite short dresses from ModCloth. Thank you to JoPhoto for submiting this beautiful Tennessee wedding!


Bright Purple Bridesmaid Dress Ideas


I’ve never seen bright purple bridesmaid dresses look so stunning! They fit perfectly agains the green background of this East Tennessee wedding venue captured by Knoxville wedding photographer, JoPhoto. Even the bouquets include a variety of purple shades. I love this look!! See more of this purple wedding on JoPhoto’s blog.


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