DIY Faux Wedding Cake

Faux Wedding Cake Tutorial

Today's DIY project by JoPhoto is perfect for bride's and designers planning weddings and styled shoots! Some brides may not like wedding cake, but still want a cake at their reception for photos. Or maybe they are opting for cupcakes but still want a wedding cake that will match their color palette. If this describes you, then today's DIY faux cake tutorial is perfect!

I learned this technique when I was designing a photo shoot with Kathleen of JoPhoto. We didn't have time to partner with a cake designer, but we still wanted to have a simple, elegant cake design to inspire brides. Enjoy this unique tutorial, and let us know in the comments how you might use this project for your own wedding or photo shoot!

Materials Needed:

*This is a general resource project for brides and when you use our links to purchase materials, we may receive a small comission that helps us continue to produce awesome resources for brides just like you! 

Styrofoam Cake Rounds 

Styrofoam Glue 

Dry Dex Spackling

*If you can't find Dry Dex, you can use Plaster of Paris. We did find the Dry Dex much easier to work with.  

Spackling Knife 

Sandpaper - we found 3M brand worked best on the styrofoam

Step One

1. Use the Styro Glue to glue your cake forms together. Make sure they are centered when you place each tier.



Step Two

Mix up the Plaster of Paris and apply with spackling knife, or apply the DryDex spackling with your hands. We have found that it is easier and produces a more smooth finish with the DryDex spackling than the Plaster of Paris.

Allow your cake to dry. If using DryDex, it will go on purple and dry white, so you know when it's dry.



Step 3

When cake is fully dry, use sand paper to smooth out the entire cake. We have found it is easiest to sand the cake outside, and use a hair dryer to blow the spackling dust off the cake throughout the sanding process.

If you find holes or spots that need repair, apply another layer of Plaster of Paris or DryDex to the spots. Let dry, and sand again.



Step 4

Decorate your cake using ribbon, spray paint, flowers, etc. The cakes below are decorated using gold spray paint, silk flowers, and ribbon.




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