Braided Bun Tutorial

Braided Bun Tutorial

DIY Braided Bun

The talented Rustic White Photography is teaming up with The Bride Link to introduce a brand new series called “Perfect Details!”  Every Thursday, this series will focus on the details of a much larger photoshoot that will be shared at the end of the month. We know how much work goes into a styled shoot by every participating vendor, so this is our attempt to give every beautifully curated detail it’s own spotlight while also providing useful information in the form of tutorials and advice from the experts.

Today’s DIY hairstyle highlights the work of hair and make-up artist, Claudia Mejerle. I can’t wait to show you how amazing this braided bun looks with the bride’s gown and flowers! Enjoy!


Step 1

Start out by curling the hair to give it some texture and wave. This will help your hair cooperate during styling and make the finished product stay put (and look prettier, most importantly!).


Step 2

Next, work some salt spray through the hair. Scrunch the product through, root to tip, to give the hair a bit more texture and grip.


Step 3

Section off a chunk of hair toward the top of your head. Gather it in your fingers and push forward to give more volume. Slip a couple of bobbi pins in to hold this section in place and create a foundation in which the rest of the hairstyle will be built around.


Step 4

Next, grab a small section of hair from the hairline on the right side of the head. Slightly twist it and then cross it over head horizontally to cover the first bobbi pins you placed in at the foundation of the hairstyle. Then secure this twisted section of hair with a couple of bobbi pins.


Step 5

Take another section of hair from the left side of the head, twist it and cross it over the back of the head, pinning it in place toward the right side of the head. Make sure that this section covers the bobbi pins from the previous section.


Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5, alternating sides until all hair is pulled away from the face and you are left with a ponytail.


Step 7

Divide the remaining hair into two sections and do a fishtail braid. (A regular braid will work just fine if you’re more comfortable with that type of braid.)


Step 8

Once the braid is completed, secure the end with a clear elastic. And then “fatten” up that braid by gently pulling outward on it to make it fuller.


Step 9

Take the tail of the braid, lift it then fold the end of the braid downward, tucking it in to hide the clear elastic. Slip a few bobbi pins into the tail and the braid to secure the braid against the head.


Step 10

Finish the style and rough it up a bit by tugging outward on the braid. This will make the braided portion of the style fuller and make it a little messier. Mist a light hold hairspray over the head for a little extra insurance



Participating Vendors

Photography: Rustic White Photography  | Hair and Make-up: Claudia Mejerle | Wedding Planner: Molly McKinley Designs 


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