How to Make Pomanders for a Wedding


These hanging flower balls (or pomanders) are so fun, and surprisingly easy! They are a great DIY wedding project to do with your bridesmaids or family members. You can create hanging pomanders or non-hanging pomanders. If you choose to make hanging flower balls or pomanders, I suggest hanging them down the aisle at your ceremony or maybe from the ceiling at your reception. Non-hanging flower balls are great for setting on tables as centerpieces.

Enjoy this fun DIY wedding project!

Things You Will Need

  1. Flowers of your choice.
  2. Wet Foam (not Styrofoam unless you use silk flowers.) You can find the best performing foam for the best price here
  3. Scissors
  4. Ribbon
  5. Floral Pins

Step 1: Wet the Foam

Wet the foam until it turns a dark green. This will allow your flowers to last longer inside the foam.


Step Two: Cut Ribbon


Measure how long you want your flower ball to hang, and cut your ribbon according.

Step 3: Attach the Ribbon

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together in a knot and place on the end of the foam. Use the floral pins to attach the ribbon to the foam.



Step 4: Cut Flowers and Assemble

Cut your flowers at an angle about a quarter of an inch from the head. Insert the flowers into the wet foam until your form is completely covered.


You can also use other types of flowers such as carnations, sunflowers, mums, etc. The flower ball above is made with pink carnations.




50% Complete

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