DIY Tutorial: How to Paint Mason Jars


DIY Tutorial: How to Paint Mason Jars

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I love this easy and fun DIY tutorial! Painted mason jars can be used anywhere in your home or as decoration for any event. By using various colors, you can create a kid friendly DIY project OR an elegant table decoration for a wedding. The possibilities are endless!

For today’s DIY project, we will show you not only how to paint a mason jar, but how to mix colors so they appear soft and attractive. Thank you always to our host, Alexa of Events with Alexa, for making The Bride Link’s DIY projects so fun!

Items You Will Need:

  • 1. Disposable Containers
  • 2. Paint Brushes or Plastic Spoons
  • 3. Acrylic Paint
  • 4. Mason Jars (Amazon has GREAT Prices on these)
  • 4. Cardboard

Step 1: Mix Paint

We chose to use a variety of soft, pastel pinks for our jars. To achieve a pastel color with paint, add yellow to your base. By adding yellow, our bubble gum colored pink (red + white) became a soft pink (red+white+yellow.)

If you are painting a lot of jars, you can also buy small cans of already mixed paint at your local paint store. This will make choosing your colors easy!

How to paint mason jars DIY

Step 2: Pour Paint into Jar

After you have mixed all the shades of paint, pour the paint into a clean, empty jar until it is filled 1/2 inch from the bottom.


Step 3: Roll Paint in Jar

This part is so fun! Place the jar at an angle and turn the jar in circles until the paint covers the inside of the jar.


Step 4: Place the Jars Upside Down

After you have fully covered the inside of the jar, place it upside down on a piece of cardboard. Every two minutes, move the jar to another place on the cardboard to allow the excess paint to run out. Repeat this process until no paint runs out of the jar.


Step 5: Decorate

Fill your mason jars with flowers and use fun accents like old books and lace to create an elegant tablescape!



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