Vendor Checklist for Weddings and The Right Order To Hire


Creating A Wedding Vendor Checklist

Let's talk about what wedding vendors you'll need and the best order to hire them! When you're just getting started planning your wedding, it's essential to have a wedding vendor checklist list to refer to. We can help! Use the order below to create a vendor checklist for your wedding, complete with suggestions for a hiring timeline! You can also score your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to start planning your wedding ceremony! 

The very first thing you should choose is your venue. 

The most obvious way to start your wedding checklist is with your venue! Try to have your venue booked at least a year in advance, if possible. You won't have as many options available if you wait too long! Don't pay for anything (especially book dates with nonrefundable deposits) with other vendors until after you've booked the venue. The foundation of your wedding day rests on the site or place you choose to have the celebration. Be...


How To Keep Your Guests Cool At Summer Wedding


How to Keep Guests Cool At Your Summer Wedding

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about how to keep your guests cool at your summer wedding! It can be a challenge, especially if your wedding is taking place in an area that is not climate-controlled. Cooling down your wedding will ensure your guests stay longer and enjoy themselves more! Check out these great summer wedding tips for keeping your guests cool while they celebrate with you! For everything else you need, grab a FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Check List!

Our first tip is an easy one! Choose a venue that offers both a climate-controlled reception area and outdoor features. For example, you can do an outdoor ceremony but then flip the reception to an indoor and air-conditioned space.!

If that's not available for you, then another option is to rent portable air conditioning units. Most rental companies will have these available, and they might be called a Port A Cool, which is a brand name of a...


Wedding Clean Up Tips - Part Two


Wedding Clean-Up Made Easy - Part 2

To keep with our wedding clean up series this week here is part two! If you missed it, check out part one here! Use these tips to help speed up cleaning after your wedding. With all great events comes the inevitable mess that is left behind! There are few things more consistent in life! There are plenty of weddings where the grand exit takes place, friends, family, and loved ones give hugs and exit towards their car. This leaves just one or two people behind at the venue, looking around wide-eyed, asking, what are we going to do with all this stuff? That’s why we created our Clean-up Fact Sheet, grab your FREE copy! It will help you get organized and ready for your wedding day clean up and everything it entails. Here are the major clean up items to remember: the bouquet, veil, gifts and cards, guest book, anything really sentimental. Assign one person to be in charge of each so you know the job gets done!

 Flowers: You can ask your...


What Does the Wedding Party Actually Do?


What Does the Wedding Party Actually Do?

Today, on The Bride Link podcast, we're talking all about your wedding party! We'll discuss all the duties and what types of tasks and errands you can expect them to do for you when you're getting married! But first, score your FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! Everyone knows the wedding parties in charge of getting their bridesmaid dress and the groomsmen tuxes, but what else are they supposed to do? In addition to MOH duties or bridesmaid's duties, and groomsmen's duties, here are a few additional areas they can help with. Just keep in mind they might not know and you may need to ask them directly. For some people, it will be their first time serving in that role. 

  1. The wedding party helps the couple with various tasks during the planning process

This can include addressing invitations, picking up items for the wedding, craft projects, contacting people that didn't RSVP, and other non-complicated tasks that you need help...


Seven Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist


Seven Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

Today we're going over questions to ask a wedding florist! What should you ask a florist when planning your wedding? These seven questions will help you identify the perfect florist for your wedding. Finding a reputable local florist with the ideal experience will make the process that much easier. They'll be able to work within your budget and offer helpful suggestions to steer you in the right direction. Buying wedding flowers can get pricey, especially if you have no idea what kind of florals you're targeting. You'll benefit from having a premade list of wedding flowers you're interested in viewing, ranked from most desired to least before your floral consultation. For even more expert help, grab your FREE copy of our Floral Cheat Sheet!


1. Can I see examples of your work?

A great wedding florist should offer you photos to look through! If you're in their shop, they may even have live examples available during the consult....


Hailey and Eli’s Scenic Wedding at Chestnut Falls Venue in Tennessee

Hailey and Eli were wed at Chestnut Falls Venue in Sparta, Tennessee situated on the Highland Rim, near the western base of the Cumberland Plateau. The location offered stunning natural scenery, a covered deck, a glass-enclosed pavilion, and shabby chic decor items. This couple’s story goes way back to when they met in kindergarten, spent time apart then reunited after college. Every detail was extra sweet from the delicate ivory flowers paired with eucalyptus to the vintage-style elements to the darling bow on the back of Hailey’s wedding dress.

Hailey wore Bentley from Say Yes to the Dress television star and fashion designer, Randy Fenoli’s Beautiful Beginnings collection. Bentley is an exquisite A-line ball gown that exudes classic beauty. The dress boasts a simple yet intricate design, with draped fabric and wrapped ruching on the v-neck bodice that extends from the front to the back. Bentley's skirt features cascading flounces and gathers that create...


Why you shouldn't hire friends to work your wedding!


Why You Shouldn't Hire Friends to Work Your Wedding

Today we're talking all about why you should not hire your friends to work at your wedding. Don't fall for this common wedding mistake couples make to save on costs! Having friends or family work the day of your event is one of the biggest wedding regrets couples experience.

Join us for valuable tips and a few stories about what we've seen as wedding planners when couples ask their friends to work the event. For expert wedding planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Floral Guide Cheat Sheet! From bouquets to centerpieces, this guide can help you figure out all the florals may you need for your wedding

The number one reason you shouldn't hire your friends to work your wedding is they may not be as experienced as a professional wedding vendor.

Even though they might be giving you a good deal or gifting you their services for free, you might not be getting the level of service you should expect. Services like photography, DJ,...


How Much Alcohol For A Wedding


How Much Alcohol For A Wedding

 When choosing how much alcohol to buy for your wedding, it is essential to know your crowd! We recommend hiring a professional bartending service who can help you estimate the quantity of alcohol to purchase for your wedding. An experienced bartending service will also help select a drink menu and manage the bar on the wedding day. When it comes to weddings how much alcohol is required depends on the type of bar and bar service you plan to offer your guests. For even more help, download your FREE copy of our Wedding Bar & Alcohol Guide!

Keep in mind; your wedding should stay classy! Your goal should be to have a good time, not to get all your guests intoxicated. Over-serving guests is one of the biggest pet peeves for venue owners. If your guests become rowdy, you may be asked to cover any damages to the venue. Everyone should make it home safely and not ruin a fabulous day with the risk of injury or DUIs.

Reasons like this are why...


Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day!


Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

Today on The Bride Link, we're talking all about getting ready on your wedding day! Watch our quick video for handy bridal suite tips to help with wedding day prep. How you get ready on your wedding day can have a considerable effect on keeping to your timeline! But first, grab your FREE copy of our Linen and Layout Guide! It can be difficult to know what size tables you need, how many guests fit at each, and what size linens to order. Fortunately, our cheat sheet gives you all the information you will need!


1. Make sure you have an early night.

With all of the nerves and excitement running through your body, it may take you a little longer to drift off to sleep. Make sure you call it in early the night before. Play calming music and take your mind off of everything that'll help you slip into sleep.


2. Have all the essential items ready to go.

The night before your wedding you should gather all the necessary things and put them in a...


Wedding Processional Order Non-Traditional


How to Arrange Your Ceremony Processional

(For non-traditional families, step-parents, same-sex weddings, etc.)

Your wedding processional order can be anything you want! There are several non-traditional options you can choose from! Get answers to your wedding processional questions with The Bride Link! Our podcast today focuses on the correct wedding order processional and some of the best ways to order your wedding party. We cover it all! Get your wedding processional tips straight from the pros! You can also score your FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit List, a great guide to building and prepping what you need in case of an emergency!


Traditional ceremony processional:

This processional is the most traditional way to get your family members and bridal party down the aisle on your big day.

  • Officiant: Officiants are typically the first to come down the aisle or to stand up at the altar. This signals that the processional or ceremony is about to begin.
  • Grandparents of the...

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