How to Fishtail Braid Ponytail by Southern Belle Beauty

DIY Fishtail Braid Ponytail by Southern Belle Beauty

Today’s DIY project is the first of our DIY hair and make-up series with Knoxville wedding make-up artists, Southern Belle Beauty! Thanks to Knoxville wedding photographer, Danielle Evans Photography, we have awesome photos to help with each step of the tutorial. Danielle also allowed us to film the DIY video in her studio, Memories Portraits.

This hairstyle is called a bardo ponytail with a fishtail braid. Alex, of Southern Belle Beauty, will show us each step to achieve this elegant look that can be dressed up for night or dressed down for day. Brandalyn is the make-up queen, and she shows us how to do a winged – eyeliner, which is trending as a day look for 2014. Enjoy, and let us know what questions you have in the comments section!

diy fishtail braid ponytail

Step 1: Create the “Poof” of the Ponytail.

Section off a “horse shoe” shaped piece of hair from the top of the head. Using a comb, tease the bottom layer of this section of hair. Spray with hair spray to create a firmer hold. Tease more or less to alter the height of the “poof.” Clip the section of hair on top of the head, out of the way.

how to do a fishtail braid fishtail braid how to

Step #2: Decide Where to Put the Ponytail

Southern Belle Beauty gave a great tip for deciding where to put the ponytail. Alex suggested choosing one of two locations on the head – either below the curve in your scalp (low ponytail,) or at an even angle with your ears (higher ponytail.) Alex shows how she uses a brush to determine the right location of the “high” ponytail.

fishtail braid

Step 3: Create a Ponytail

Using a brush, pull the bottom section of hair into a ponytail. Use a comb to smooth the hair on all sides.

cute ponytail idea high ponytail ideas

Step 4: Join Sections of Hair Together

Next, remove the top section of hair from the clip. Using a comb, smooth the layers together until they smoothly transition into the ponytail section. Wrap the hair from the first layer around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

cute ponytail ideas pony tail ideas ponytail tutorial fishtail braid diy hot to fishtail braid fishtail braid tutorial

Step 5: Fishtail Braid the Ponytail

For the last step, fishtail braid the ponytail. Click the link for tips on how to do a fishtail braid. Before starting the braid, tease the top of the ponytail to add lift and body. After braiding the ponytail, gently loosen the braid by pulling at the sides of the ponytail. This will give the ponytail braid a fuller look.

diy fishtail braid fishtail braids ponytails fishtail braid ideas

Winged Eyeliner with Brandalyn

Women are wearing a winged eyeliner as an everyday look for 2014, so Southern Belle Beauty thought this would complement the braided ponytail hairstyle perfectly! Brandalyn added a neutral lip as a soft finish.

diy winged eyeliners diy winged eyeliner winged eyeliner how to winged eyeliner

And that’s it! What an elegant look for both night and day! Thank you again to Southern Belle Beauty and Danielle Evans Photography for making this DIY fishtail braid ponytail tutorial so fun! Head on over to our YouTube Channel for more fun DIY videos we know you’ll love!

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